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Magnum Pellets are a 40 lb bag and there are 60 bags per pallet.  Full loads shipped within Canada contain 24 pallets for a full load of 1,440 bags.  Loads shipped to the United States contain 18 pallets for a full load of 1,080 bags. 

Magnum Pellets

Magnum Pellets are a combination of 100% organic spruce and pine.  Our pellets go thrugh an extensive specialized manufacturing process - the material is dried, compressed, and formed into small eraser-sized bits, resulting in a sterilized, pleasant smelling pellet.

When the pellets are exposed to moisture they expand and form a soft and absorebent bedding.  To give you idea of their expansion capability, one pickup truck of shavings is reduced to four 40lb bags of Magnum Pellets.

Magnum Pellets provide a comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly bedding for the horse, along with significant reduction in labour, maintenance, and disposal costs for the horse owner.